In the seventh jungle to the left, on the seventh hill to the right, there lies stone monument of goddess Machalupsa. The legend says that this holy statue maintains order, harmony and three dimensional structure of the world. It’s only right to guard it from thieves, vandals and a bird’s poo. For that reason temple acolytes stand behind it day and night. That fateful night it was first watch of a little mouse named March. It was a long walk for a little fellow like him to reach a hill’s top, so tired March couldn’t help but to fall asleep soon after he arrived. Call it bad luck, but after four dry years,|long awaited thunderstorm appeared. If it wasn’t for his deep sleep, maybe March would have enough time to warm elders, but to little mouse misfortune, his own sneezing was louder than black clouds roar. No wonder he hasn’t noticed when a terrible lightning hit Machalupsa statue. Blast made monument crash into 12 pieces, which due to their magical properties scattered all through the world . Just as legend foretold earth lost its third dimension and all jungle animals were flat like a sheet of paper.

Character design

Level design

Interface design